Images downloaded from this website are currently available only under the following licenses:

  • - Website Use (1 year) - Images can be used throughout your website for editorial purposes.
    i.e. Showing photos of ATM cave in your tours page.
  • - Web Advertising (1 Year)- Images can be used for promos or advertising purposes on banner ads etc.
    i.e. You can design a banner ad for a summer special using the image as a backdrop.
  • - Social Media (1 Year) - Images can be used for social media campaigns.
    i.e. You can do a social media campaign or post using an image in the form of a backdrop to message or the image itself as the main display.

What you CAN do with the images you license:

  • -Use as part of a design whether it is the main focus of the page/design or a lesser design element.
  • -You can crop the image to suit your needs.
  • -Place text or logos over it.
  • -Place on a webpage as a standalone image
  • -Use as webpage header or slider
  • -Wherever posible and especially in cases where the image is used stand alone and can be copied, the copyright notice below the image must be used:  Photo Copyright © Demian Solano/

What you CANNOT do with images you license:

  • -Modify/distort original image
  • -Use image outside of license use
    i.e. Use for a web licensed image for a print brochure
  • -Sub-license image
  • -Re-sell image
  • -Claim ownership or photo credit for image

Extended Licensing available.  If you require photo licenses for usage other than the stated above please E-mail: